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Energy Vampires

Because I’ve been dealing with a stalker (wow, 23+ years now),  I am interested in a valuable book that came into my awareness a few years ago.  I have purchased it and shared with others; its title is Dodging Energy Vampires by Dr. Christiane Northrup. She’s got some great insights and advice and can guide the empath through understanding and dealing with the EVs in your life.

A Beautiful, Gentle Soul

Bailey: Smooth and shiny, kissable and typical English Lab “blockhead”…velvety-soft black ears on my lips and cheek. Bottomless, chocolaty soft brown eyes peering meaningfully, deep down into my soul. These will be my most  precious memories of Bailey who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on the morning of September 12, 2020.

Dog Days of Summer; Warm Farm Memories

The dry heat along with the sounds and smells of the past few weeks bring me back to the happiest, safest and most serene times of my childhood. At about the ages of 9 through 12, I stayed the summer at my aunt and uncle’s 90-acre dairy farm outside Mansfield, Ohio. What a wonderful, secure place that was in my young life.

A Lesson in Compassion and Empathy

A few days ago, I attended a meeting preparing for the start of our upcoming bowling season next month. In retrospect, this gathering was a lesson in understanding, compassion and empathy. I have seriously reflected on the conversation of this meeting since then, and it continues to weigh heavily on me.

Podcast with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

To listen to my  May 21, 2020 podcast with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher click on this link:


According to CORE (Center for Organ Recovery and Education), the following are common myths regarding organ and tissue donation:


The Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE), based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a regional organ procurement organization (OPO). It is important to note that one organ, tissue and cornea donor can save or enhance the lives of up to 75 recipients. The following information is taken from CORE’s website,

The Big, Bad Ego

Well, it seems that the ego was running rampant here in my house for a while <sigh>.

Last night I received an email from a gal, Allison, whom I had mentioned dating Josh in my book, “Taming Josh’s Dragon”. What a wonderful, uplifting communication that was, with perfect timing! She recalled that we had spoken during Josh’s funeral (23 years ago) and I had said how special going to the Valentine’s dance with her was to him. She was his one and only date of an entire lifetime. Honestly, I don’t remember too much during the extremely stressful time surrounding his funeral, but I am very grateful that she recalls our conversation.

Living Donation

Giving the gift of a kidney, a lobe of a lung, or a portion of the liver, pancreas or intestine, living donors offer patients an alternative to waiting on the national transplant list for an organ from a deceased donor. The number of living organ donors is more than 6,000 per year, and one in four of these donors are not biologically related to the recipient.

Playing by the Rules?

I’ve heard friends and acquaintances express wonder and concern at how some individuals don’t “play be the rules” during these challenging times. Seeing some people in public wearing what I sarcastically call an “invisible mask” (failing to wear a mask at all), or wearing it around the neck, or below the nose is more than annoying, seems to me to be utterly disrespectful and displays downright indifference (and frankly, spits in the face of safety) regarding the many possible consequences.