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This woman, my cousin, was a phenomenal, compassionate woman.

As I sit down at the keyboard this morning, my heart is heavier than I’ve felt in the last 25 years. I have lost a woman so very important in my life, in the lives of many of my cousins and undoubtedly, her family and friends.

On Saturday, January 8th, 2022, my soul-sister, Sandy, transitioned from the physical to spirit. I recognize that the transition was much easier for her than for those of us left behind. I believe without a doubt that we have been together in many past lives, in the same Soul Group for many millennia, and in a more recent life, actual sisters. Say what you will, but I feel that truth deep in my soul. I know that the very moment she crossed the veil, the surprise in her voice startled the angels as she said, “What the hell just happened?!”

Sandy had been a long-term caregiver for her mother, my Aunt Ethel, who will turn 102 at the end this month. This event, her loss, has to have had the greatest impact on my aunt as well as her grandsons. Sandy generously shared a game we played since we were kids, crokinole, with her mom who resonated with it immediately and played with the gusto and performance of a teenager. With much inner strength, Sandy raised three sons alone for the majority of their lives and did a commendable job at it.

She and I have built many memories together, starting as kids on the farm. Click on this link for that story: When life intervened, we had stretches of time when we didn’t see each other or talk, but then effortlessly fell back into an easy relationship and familiar conversation. Our connection effortlessly grew into much more than just cousins. I can honestly say we were the best of friends, sharing a mutual respect and trust.

Upon my request, Sandy was willing and excited to proofread my book, “Taming Josh’s Dragon”, constantly telling me what a great job I had done. I felt she was saying that only because she felt obligated to, but she assured me that was not the case. However, she was always zinging me about my excessive use of commas! In her honor, against my better judgement, I have removed many commas from this blog. God Bless her for the sincere encouragement and advice she freely provided.

When family reunions resumed more than 20 years ago, Sandy easily connected with the elders, collecting pictures, memories, stories, laughs, creating new relationships and renewing old ones.

Regrets? There are way too many things left to say…discussing our favorite foods, her delicious cooking, books, authors, mediums, crystals, family recollections, abundant reminiscences and on and on. I will miss her too, as a cousin, a mentor and a strong woman who was capable of lifting my spirit when it was unimaginably heavy.

We are left with the pain of your loss, but you are where the sun is shining and there is only love and peace. Sandy, you have finally and joyfully been reunited with your beloved brother and dad. Rest in Peace, lovely human and experienced soul. Until I see you again, I respect and love you deeply and always. Thank you for generously sharing your life with us.

10 Comments on “Tribute to a Phenomenal Woman”

  1. She was an amazing human being. I feel very blessed to have gotten to know her at the reunions and I enjoyed my conversations with her a great deal. Very beautifully written and perfectly punctuated. Sandy would be proud you!

  2. I have to thank you, Debbie for making it possible for me to connect with Sandy, Aunt Ethel and the boys. I am so grateful for the time we all spent together. So much love and laughter and spiritual awakening! I am going to miss Sandy so much 💖

  3. Debbie This was a great Blog sometimes I wish my family was so close . I wish you well and bless you for your message Amen

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