Playing by the Rules?

I’ve heard friends and acquaintances express wonder and concern at how some individuals don’t “play be the rules” during these challenging times. Seeing some people in public wearing what I sarcastically call an “invisible mask” (failing to wear a mask at all), or wearing it around the neck, or below the nose is more than annoying, seems to me to be utterly disrespectful and displays downright indifference (and frankly, spits in the face of safety) regarding the many possible consequences.

So, do these cloth or paper masks give us a false sense of security? Not the point. Are there some who assure themselves that they won’t contract this virus or if they do, they’ll survive it with outside effects? Again, not the point.

What ever happened to treating each other with dignity and respect? I cannot imagine how I would feel if, through neglect or carelessness, I were the cause of someone catching this, or worse, not surviving it. Whether a loved one, friend, acquaintance or stranger; it makes no difference. We must care for and protect each other, rather than taking a cavalier attitude towards everything and everyone. Life is precious. Precious!

Do these people consider the fact that their own child or mother or father could be affected? I think often about those transplant recipients who are immunosuppressed and have to be so careful, as it this is literally a life or death situation for them. I foolishly believed in the beginning of all this that everyone would be compliant and that I would proudly hold my head high being among them, revering life. What was I thinking? That everyone would play by the rules? I recently replied to a more than curious friend (admittedly in not-so kind-wording): Once clueless, always clueless.

Regardless of the cause or who may be responsible for this virus, to me this is so sad and frustrating, but I’m unsure about what can be done. Mask police? I guess we just have to be vigilant for ourselves and our loved ones. Sadly, we may have to learn the hard way, refusing to learn from history.

Forgive my exasperation.

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