As I sit here at my keyboard this beautiful sunny morning, I see a normal Spring day outside my window. I wear earphones as I listen to “God’s Healing Frequencies” on YouTube. The neighborhood seems so green and beautiful, yet strangely barren to me. It makes me wonder what it was like for my mom and her family all those years ago, going through the Great Depression. Was her world a lonely, sad and angry place then? How did that change the population as a whole?

What will we be grateful for when we make it through to the end of this labyrinth? Will we be better prepared next time? Will we no longer take things and each other for granted? Will we appreciate and see people and the world with a clearer yet more colorful perspective? Will we be blind to skin color and other insignificant differences? Will we love better, tolerate more, accept always, recognize and forgive others’ and our own faults?

I don’t know how we couldn’t change. To remain the same after, as we were before this crisis, would be a true waste of an unintended learning opportunity. We have the chance to learn to better love and respect each other, to revel in our differences and recognize our similarities. Please remember what a wise surgical nurse once told me, “We all look the same on the inside.” Let’s not waste this opportunity to know better, to be better, to do better.

I am grateful for my loving husband, my warm home, my faithful Labs, Bailey and Dakota, and innumerable other things that we all have taken for granted for far too long.

What have you been wondering about? What have you realized that you are truly grateful for?

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